Rules System

Rules System

This campaign will be run using the Marvel Heroic RPG rules with significant modifications. Rules changes will be as follows but more may come up during the course of play testing.


  • Instead of choosing Affiliations players will instead choose Aptitudes. Aptitudes indicate how comparatively good your character is at physical actions (Somatics), mental actions (Cognition), and social actions (Savvy). Assign a d10/d8/d6 to these aptitudes just as you would assign dice to an affiliation. Which dice you use for a particular action is typically defined by the action taken. (Ex. to manually fire a gun use Somatics. Use Savvy to flirt with that armed guard.) Unorthodox situations, limits, or doom pool actions might require the player to use a different aptitude. (Ex. the Watcher spends doom pool to represent a loud noise making social checks impossible. And so on.)

Distinctions and Motivations

  • Distinctions remain unchanged mechanically but will have more emphasis in this campaign than in a typical Marvel game. In a game where you can change your body and even your skills from game to game your distinctions more than anything else will define your character. The limit of three distinctions has been lifted and you may choose as many as you like. In addition you may choose special Eclipse Phase distinctions called Motivations.

  • Characters in Eclipse Phase are much more ideologically diverse than in a typical tabletop game and this is represented by Motivations. They may come from the list above or you can make up your own. Motivations should be listed with a ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign to denote whether your character opposes or supports the -ism. (Examples: A fame seeker might take ‘+Fame’. An anti-hyper-corporation Barsoomian might take ‘-Hypercapitalism’.)

Ego, Morph, and Equipment/Miscellaneous

  • Every character has three power sets: Ego, Morph, and Equipment/Miscellaneous. Ego represents your mind, morph represents the body your Ego is currently uploaded into, and Equipment/Miscellaneous represents standard gear and anything else that doesn’t fit neatly into the other categories. No action may incorporate dice from more than two power sets. When it makes sense having identical power dice in more than one power set is permissible on a case by case basis. (Example: Light Bioweave Durability in the Morph plus Bullet Proof Vest Durability as gear.)

  • Ego power sets don’t typically have power dice. Instead they usually consist entirely of a few few character defining SFX. SFXs based off of Aptitudes or Distinctions are particularly appropriate to this setting. Ego based power dice are permissible for certain character concepts. (Asyncs, characters with certain Eclipse Phase style positive traits, etc) but again for most characters they should be avoided. Don’t forget to choose an appropriate Limit.

  • Your Morph power set represents your physical body. Choose a preferred Morph from the game books and design a power set around it. No two morphs are alike so have fun customizing your morph’s cybernetics, bioware, etc. Possible Morph Limits are flaws like Planned Obsolescence, Drug Addiction, Zero-G Nausea, Allergies, and so on. Some adventures will require you to change morphs during the course of play, and you can always spend 15 XP to upload into a different body, so be prepared for that.
  • Your Equipment/Miscellaneous power set represents your typical adventuring gear. This is also a catch all category to represent pets, advanced muses, ghost rider modules, etc. At a minimum all Firewall sentinels have access to Armored Clothing (Durability d6) and some Basic Weapons (Weapon d6). Badasses should feel free to take higher equipment dice to reflect super weapons and armor, and everybody should feel free to take other sorts of power dice as appropriate. This power set automatically comes with the Gear Limit.
  • Power dice are ranked as follows: D4 Human, D6 Splicer, D8 Enhanced, D10 Military, D12 Titan. You should have no more than a few military level power dice and certain military level power dice could have negative role-playing implications. (Ex. Space stations don’t take kindly to people who can punch holes through their hulls with d10 plasma cannons.) Titan level power dice are not available to Player Characters.
  • In general characters should have no more than a few d10 power dice, and players should avoid easy to set up SFX combos that would let them consistently have d12s in their dice pools. Feel free to take generic powers and SFX but try your best to stay true to the flavor of the game. (I really don’t want this to devolve into ‘superheroes in space’. Its much cooler to say you’re using your cyber eye’s telescoping infrared lens than to just be like ‘meh enhanced senses what do I see’.)
  • Some basic character and morph specific traits don’t need to be represented mechanically. All characters come with a personal A.I. called a Muse, and all morphs come with Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, and a Cortical Stack. Synthetic Morphs typically don’t need to breath, ruster morphs are automatically able to function in low oxygen environments, and so on.


  • To better capture how skills work in a hard sci-fi setting we will be using a narrow specialties system. Instead of choosing Marvel specialties choose your starting specialties from the list below. Some ‘broad’ specialties like Combat or Psi might be appropriate to keep things simple but in general you should never do this for academics, professions, sciences, languages, etc. By using a narrow skill system you will necessarily end up with more specialties than a typical Marvel character and that is okay.

  • Specialties are ranked as follows: D4 Untrained and/or Terrible, D6 Competent, D8 Professional, D10 World Authority, D12 Titan. Specialties not listed on your character sheet are assumed to be d4 Untrained, and you are not allowed to combine this d4 with a d4 Distinction in a dice pool. Titan level Specialties are not available to Player Characters.

Milestones, Experience, and Reputations/Credits

  • Milestones and experience points are unchanged from the Marvel system, but they should be justified within the context of Eclipse Phase’s post-scarcity economy. All characters begin play with Reputations in Eclipse Phase’s various factions and can use experience points to to call upon those factions for appropriate sorts of aid. In addition to normal Reputations we will utilize a “Wealth” reputation to simulate plain old credits in the bank.
  • Reputations are ranked from zero to five… zero meaning you have no reputation at all and five meaning you are owed some substantial favors! Typical starting characters begin play with one level of Wealth, one level of I-Rep, and five additional levels to add to the reputations of their choice. It is okay to take additional levels of reputation if you feel that it is appropriate for your character. Level four and five reputations are allowed but should be treated the same you would treat purchasing a D10 Power Trait or Specialty. (Ex. If you’re a major celebrity.)

Experience Points

  • You can spend 5 XP to do the following…

Replace an existing Distinction or Motivation with a new one.
Add or replace a Limit in a Power Set.
Switch two Aptitude traits.
Step up a Reputation, max level 3.
Unlock a minor Event resource.
  • You can spend 10 XP to do the following…
Add a new SFX to a Power Set.
Step up a d6 or d8 power trait by one step.
Add a new d6 power trait to a Power Set.
Step up a Reputation, max level 5.
Remove a Limit from a Power Set that has two or more Limits.
Add a new Expert Specialty or upgrade an existing Expert to Master.
Unlock a major Event resource.
  • You can spend 15 XP to do the following…
Replace your Morph or Gear Power Set with a new one.
  • You may not step up a power trait or a specialization to d12.
  • As a player, you always have the option to spend 1 XP to add a Moxie Point to your current pool of MP. This also increases the minimum MP you start each session with by +1 to a maximum of 5 MP (with 4 XP spent). It’s not the most efficient use of your XP, but maybe you really want to get ahead of the game! This increased minimum starting amount resets to 1 at the beginning of a new Act, though—make use of ‘em while you’ve got ‘em.


  • We’re going to call Plot Points ‘Moxie Points’ because its pretentious and cool.
  • Feel free to ask me about Act and Event duration so you can plan your milestones and experience point expenditures around them.
  • If this campaign was a video game I would consider us to be in open beta. Drastic rules changes may or may not happen. This is a rough draft and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to add important things from our planning session to this page. Feedback is appreciated!

Rules System

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