Criminal Hacker


Somatics D8
Cognition D10
Savvy D6

Distinctions: I Wrote the Book +Subvert Technology
Brilliant Troublemaker +Thrill-seeking
2nd Generation Uplift +Uplift Rights

Power Sets:
Uplifted Psyche D8
1. SFX: Best Pal. Spend 1 PP to step up or double your Aptitude die when making a support action.
2. SFX: Not a Problem. If your pool includes a Master level Specialty, spend 1 PP to borrow a die from the doom pool for that roll. Then step back that doom die and return it to the doom pool.
3. SFX: Genius Hacker. Spend a PP to step up a Master stunt or resource and recover mental or emotional stress.
4. SFX: Multi-tasking. When taking multiple actions, for each action (maximum 3 additional) add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.
• Limit: Criminal. When affected by criminal specific complications or tech, earn 1 PP.
• Limit: Reprogrammed. Step up Mental or Emotional Stress caused by criminal actions to gain 1 PP.

Augmented Octomorph:
Augmented Octopods’ Physique D8 Increased Octopoid Mobility D8
Expanded Octopoid Sensory Array D8
1. SFX: Versatile. When a roll contains an Augmented Octomorph die, you may replace a die with an equivalent amount of lower dice.
• Limit: Genetic Defect. Change any Augmented Octomorph power into a complication to gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover that power.

A.G.I. Muse “Chloe” D8 Covert Operation Tool D8
1. SFX: I know I’m right! If your pool includes “Chloe”, step up or double any die in that roll. If that action fails, step back “Chloe”. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover.
• Limit: Gear. Shutdown an Equipment/Miscellany power to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the Doom Pool to recover that power.
Specialties: [You may convert Expert D8 to 2D6, or you may convert Master D10 to 2D8 or 3D6]

Infosec/Comp Sci and Related Fields D10 Hardware: Electronic D10
Gaming D10 Hardware: Other D8
Swimming D10 Research D8
Networking: Criminal D8 Networking: Firewall D8
Free Fall D8 Deception D8
Fray D8 Investigation D8
Unarmed Combat D8 Infiltration D8
Mathematics D8 Medicine D6
Climbing D6 Palming D6
Science D6 Pilot: Spacecraft D6


Wealth 2 @-Rep 2 c-Rep 0 e-Rep 1
f-Rep 1 g-Rep 3 i-Rep 3 r-Rep 0


Background notes to clean up later:
+ Hyperlinguist
+ Math Whiz
+ currently original body, with birth defects
+ Eldest child of an uplifts rights activist (Mother Octopus)
+ born in the asteroid belt
+ Father is deceased.
+ Did work for hypercorps, moved from accounting to infosec
+ Met Chloe (A.G.I.) during this period, together they stole tech to free her and schematics for restricted tech (QE Coms)
+ Chloe hides out as his muse for their mutual benefit
+ caught and reprogrammed, behavioral mod malfunctions, reinforcing his want to subvert tech
+ does work for several crime syndicates
+ contacted and did non-field work for firewall for several years
+ not a social creature but stays in contact with family, has a lot of siblings
+ almost a gaming celeb, stays out of the limelight when he can
+ verging on tinfoil hat levels of conspiracy theory


Echoes of the Fall orcwarrior